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     Dr Smith has been providing full orthodontic treatment in his office since 1994. With advances in orthodontic technology, treatment has become easier and faster for both children and adults. Nearly 1 in 4 orthodontic cases today are provided for adults young and old who were not able to receive treatment as a child.  With today's desire for a more attractive smile, orthodontic treatment is just one more option available to you to receive the smile you have always wanted.

     We are happy to provide a variety of treatment options, including removable, invisible aligner systems (brochure) as well as traditional braces.

    Orthodontic treatment for your child may fall under one of two categories. Dental problems and Skeletal problems, and of course a combination of both.

    A bad bite that is due strictly to a "dental problem" is often best treated once their "primary" or baby teeth  have just about all fallen out. This provides an ideal window of opportunity where the child is still growing and we can use this growth to our advantage to steer the teeth to their ideal positions and eliminate crowding, usually without having to remove permanent teeth. Resolving crowded teeth is always more involved after growth has slowed or after puberty for example.

     Skeletal bite problems are usually best treated when diagnosed ; and, as early as possible to use the benefit of skeletal development techniques that will encourage proper jaw development to give proper support to facial features  which ultimately shape our outward appearance and profile. Examples of these are back teeth in Crossbites, retrognathic bites (no chin), or prognathic bites (Jay Leno chin).In these cases, early recognition of the problem is the best way to prevent waiting until it is too late to correct without surgical intervention.